Canada On GM Foods


In Canada, the regulatory body for all GMOs entering the Canadian marketplace is Health Canada, which states that it is unaware of any evidence that suggests GM foods are unsafe for us to eat. This is a daunting notion to promote since nearly ⅓ of Canadian food now tests positive for glyphosate herbicide residue. 88% of the Canadian public agrees that GMO products should be labeled and yet there is nothing enforcing this sentiment within our regulating bodies. Canada’s own Parliament has voted against the GMO labeling bill on two separate occasions. It would be ignorant to deny the amount of lobbying that occurs in Canada’s agricultural industry and the profound amount of influence these large corporations have on our government. It may seem perfectly reasonable to provide consumers with the basic information on how their food is produced, but that isn’t what these companies have in mind. Note that our only regulatory body on GMOs does not conduct their own research into new products that come into the market but instead relies on the companies themselves to provide studies. The qualifications of such are abysmal and peer review is optional. Furthermore, this evaluation process is far from transparent; any information in the evaluation is kept confidential and hidden from consumers, farmers, and independent researchers.


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