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Online misinformation and disinformation, including agricultural misinformation, are grave threats to both science and society, contributing to science denial and polarization. The recent challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and political instability have propelled significant efforts in academia and policy to combat misinformation and disinformation in health and politics. Historically, the agri-food and rural community has been vulnerable to this threat, yet it has not received the attention it deserves in scholarly, policy, and practitioner circles. The disastrous impact of agricultural misinformation on organic farming policy in Sri Lanka in 2022 serves as a stark reminder of how smallholders and farmers worldwide are affected by this phenomenon.
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Understanding Agricultural Misinformation in the Digital Age

Explore the complex landscape of agricultural misinformation in today’s digital era. Our research delves into how false information spreads across social media, affecting farmers, consumers, and policymakers. Learn to identify and combat myths about sustainable farming, GMOs, and climate-smart agriculture. Discover tools for fact-checking and critical thinking in the agri-food sector. Join our mission to promote evidence-based practices, foster food security, and support rural communities. Together, we can cultivate a more informed and resilient agricultural future, ensuring sustainable development.


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The Triple Win Revisited: the Need of Integrating Social Equity in Climate-smart Agriculture

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