How do you answer people who tell you it’s too difficult to eat all the vegetables and fruit recommended in Canada’s Food Guide?


It’s easier than you think. Canada’s Food Guide recommends adults enjoy seven to ten servings of vegetables and fruit each day. That might sound like a lot, but serving sizes are not very big. For example, a medium fruit or half a cup of vegetables is all it takes to get one serving. And servings add up quickly. Eating one or two vegetable or fruit servings at every meal and snack helps you get all the servings you need for the day. Check Canada’s Food Guide to see what a serving is for your favourite vegetables and fruit. Five easy ways to boost veggies and fruit are add fruit at breakfast every day, try sliced banana on cereal or berries on yogurt, eat veggies for your afternoon snack and munch on carrots dipped in humus, order double vegetables and half the meat on your sub, sandwich, wrap or pizza, shred carrots and zucchini into meatloaf, casseroles or pasta sauces, add pureed vegetables, such as sweet potato or pumpkin, to muffins or pancakes.


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