What It Means For Local Produce, Who Is Pushing For GMOs


A handful of companies that control GM seeds are able to use predatory practices to increase the market share of their products. Ex. Monsanto (who own 60% of the industry) who makes the widely-used weed killer RoundUp, and developed crops that have a resistance to their own brand of herbicide. In countries like Mexico and Paraguay that grow the majority of North American produce, native crop farmers are being sabotaged to purchase only their seed and herbicide. It is a fact that when GMO seeds cross-pollinate with native seed crops it contaminates and turns them into so-called “monster crops”. So if one local farmer uses Monsanto’s seeds and it is blown onto a nearby farm that doesn’t use the seed it could contaminate a large portion of their annual yield. This strategy forcefully converts the local farmers in the area to exclusively plant Roundup-ready crops further adding to their monopoly over food production. RoundUp has been in over 100 litigations with the most recent one having a settlement of a little over 9 billion dollars because it caused Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (cancer) and is a carcinogen not labeled as such. These GM crops are being drowned in RoundUp. Monsanto has sued in retaliation against the farmers that have made complaints about their GM seeds’ predatory business monopoly. Monsanto has filed 144 lawsuits against farms for “violations against their patented seed technology”, And it has brought up to over 700 charges in an attempt to scare them out of legal action.